Token Data

NFTree is powered by Crown Platform blockchain technology, leveraging the Crown NFT Framework to create secure protocols and issue tokens. Feel free to explore all Plots and CO² certificates. You can also generate dummy tokens.

A dual protocol system is used.

– The Plot Protocol is a registry protocol to tokenise plots that have been measured and for which an amount of CO2 offset has been calculated.

– The CO2 Protocol issues CO2 certificates por offsetting entities and is linked to parts of a plot token, a full plot token or several plot tokens.

The master key to create new Plot and CO² tokens is in hands of the Asociación Micorriza who as an environmental actor has the sole right to sign transactions within the protocols. Other environmental actors could integrate this system into their regional areas of action.

Plot Protocol

The immutable NFtokenID matches the sha256 hash of each plot’s tokenised technical sheet. The data is public and it can always be verified.

CO² Protocol

The immutable NFTokenID matches the sha256 hash of the tokenised CO² certificate. The certificate includes the plot numbers that add up to a specific CO² value. These values can always be tracked back to plot tokens and their technical sheets.

The mission of NFTree is to provide full transparency backed by radical ethics using the Crown Platform blockchain as a distributed, public and unfalsifiable CO² certificate registry.